Macaroon Box - You Brighten My Day
Gluten-free Macaroon cookies, flavours include: Salted Caramel Chocolate Raspberry Pistachio
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Hugs and Kisses
Roses and Mixed florals in a beautiful pot.
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The Lovers Letter
A rose and mixed florals filled hat box paired with a gorgeous card.
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The 'I Love You' Flower Bag
Paired with a gorgeous Love Heart Cookie.
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The Wholesome Love Bunch
A beautiful wrapped posy paired with Peggy Sue brew pockets.
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Full of Love
Our ultimate Valentines arrangement, filled with beautiful variant roses and two heart shaped balloons.
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The J'Adore Package
A mixed bouquet, a Peggy Sue self-care trio and a card paired together as the perfect gift.
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The Classic Love Box
One of our classic hatboxes filled with pastel roses.
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